Boulder Area Dog Parks

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Boulder, Colorado Dog Parks

See the City of Boulder, Parks and Recreation, Dog Parks for all of Boulder dog parks, with advice and regulations.

For maps of dog park locations and more information, see the Boulder Humane Society.

Longmont Dog Parks

Longmont has three dog parks, with more coming.

Louisville Dog Park

Louisville has an open space dog run that dogs can enjoy off-leash, under voice and sight control. It is west of McCaslin on Davidson Mesa, across from the southern part of Harper Lake (and the Leon Wurl Wildlife Preserve). Only a small part of the area is off-leash, so read the signs.
Note: Louisville and Denver completely ban American Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire terriers, and perhaps, any dog that looks like them.

Lyons Dog Park

Lyons' dog park is at Bohn Park. Here are directions:
Take 66 west to Lyons
As you enter town pass Black Bear restaurant on your right. Then you will see Anastasia's Hideout/Red Hill Mining Co. on the right.
Directly opposite from Anastasia's is 2nd.
Turn Left on 2nd.
Go straight through the stop sign (cross Park St) and drive another 1/2 mile or so.
Bohn Park is on your right. There is a big stone sign in front.
The dog park is to the left (South) of the basketball court and baseball field.
It is a very big field (about 10 acres?) has poop bags, is only partially fenced in, with no water.

Denver area Off-Leash Areas

There is one off-leash park in Denver on south Jason Street.
The Denver FIDOS group has a list of off-leash areas near Denver.

Other Off-Leash Areas

The National Forests are usually off-leash, although there are restricted areas there also.
(The Indian Peaks Wilderness is no-dog or at least requires a leash.)

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